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Teacher's mean blog = firing offense?

"Rude, beligerent [sic], argumentative f**k."


"Dresses like a streetwalker."

"I hear the trash company is hiring."

"There's no other way to say this: I hate your kid."

The 30-year-old English teacher who wrote those things about her students at a high school outside of Philadelphia has been suspended without pay since her mean blog posts became common knowledge, turning her into a cause célèbre or a symbol of lame teachers, depending on which TV talk show you watch in the morning. Fed up with her "utterly loathsome" students, who are "rude, disengaged, lazy whiners," English teacher Natalie Munroe chronicled her distaste for her students, some of their parents and her school administrators amid 84 posts that also discussed the Food Network and her favorite movies.

"I don't think parents want to hear these truths," she wrote. "Thus, the old addage [sic] ... if you don't have anything nice to say ... say 'cooperative in class.' "

Munroe's original blog is down, but its contents are still visible thanks to Google's cache. Her current rantings are now at, with the same header: "Where are we going, and why are we in this handbasket?"

Munroe's attorney says legally she has done nothing wrong. Her school district doesn't have a policy outlining what teachers can and cannot do online, and Munroe did not name the school or her students in her posts. While her suspension is indefinite – until the school district decides whether to take her back or fire her – her lawyer says he will likely file a lawsuit claiming that her First Amendment rights have been violated.

Of course, this teacher has a right to say what she wants and vent about work just like the rest of us. I know teachers have it tough out there. I have two kids of my own. I know they can drive you nuts.

No, Munroe shouldn't be fired for flaming her students online (although it's clear her hatred of children makes her part of the education problem, not a victim of it). She should be fired for her bad decision-making skills and because she's not very bright.

First, she spewed unprofessional commentary in a blog she published online using her first name, the initial of her last name and a photo of herself. Then she admitted in another entry that she was blogging while at work. Then she offended every self-respecting English teacher out there by mispelling "belligerent" and "adage."

Did I mention Munroe is an HONORS English teacher?!

Maybe her despicable pupils aren't as stupid as she thinks: Munroe's blog gained attention after a student discovered it online and promptly forwarded the link to others.