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Favorite Facebook Mom Postings

Just last month, Facebook restricted some members of a new group of young mothers on the social networking site because they were rapid-fire posting 35 to 40 messages in a two-hour period. I don't know about you, but most of my mom friends are way too busy to stay that connected. In honor of moms who post meaningful messages, I've collected my recent favorite mom-friend status updates. All are the real thing, although I've erased the identities to protect the innocent. You may recognize a bit of yourself in these postings. Or perhaps one is yours.

· Who spilled apple juice on the f-ing Candyland cards?!

· No, Santa Claus doesn't like it when you poop in your pants.

· 2nd kid in 2 days to vomit in my car. When is this lease up again?

· Tired. Tired. Tired.

· Awakened this morning by the toddler waving homemade birthday card!

· Just beat my personal record time for dropping $50 at Target: 4 minutes...

· Emma turned 3 today. She also said, "Goddamnit." Related?

· Eleven years ago today, I became a mom. Thanks for the ride, Emily. The gray hairs are worth it.

Do you have a favorite? (No, "I like it on the floor" doesn't count.)