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Parenting dilemma #1,216: What to do with baby teeth?

I was cleaning out my medicine cabinet the other day and was filled with nostalgia when I came across our neglected baby tooth box, which once had a coveted spot under my kids' pillows on nights before the tooth fairy was expected to pay a visit.

I laughed remembering how, as a panicky new mother, I used to save all the teeth in my jewelry box. I didn't know what to do with those nubby, hollow little pearls. Seemed like a bad mom move to throw them away – kinda like trashing your toddler's artwork. Then I started to worry that my kids would stumble upon them and I wouldn't be on-the-spot creative enough to come up with a good story for why the tooth fairy had left them behind. So I threw them away, and was immediately filled with regret, as if I was tossing their childhood out.

Now that the tooth fairy phase has passed, I find myself yearning for those bloody nubs.

Made me wonder what other moms do with their kids' baby teeth. Flush them down the toilet? Bury them in the backyard next to the dead fish, turtles and hermit crabs? Secret them away in a safety deposit box? Stick them in a scrapbook?

Some parents are paying private banks $100 a year to preserve their babies' teeth in case there's a medical need in the future to extract stem cells from them for medical treatments (although scientists say those stem cells therapies have not yet been developed and could be decades away).

Do you keep your kids' teeth or do you think that's kinda creepy?