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Facebook is Hazardous to Your Health

Don't think I'm bashing Facebook because it won't allow blogs to be posted on the site due to some arcane, assinine glitch in its new format. No, I grew wary of this time-eating monster long before that.

Sometime around the school night I stayed up until 2 a.m. adding photos, gifts, cities I've visited, bumper stickers, books, causes and other applications to my profile page. Don't even get me started on the amount of time I've spent hunting down new and old "friends" like some giddy teenager trying to collect the most signatures in her yearbook.

Then I heard about the guy who killed his wife with a meat cleaver after she changed her Facebook relationship status to single.

One dislaimer: This story appeared earlier this month in The Daily Mail, a British tabloid that thinks Victoria Beckham's footwear is front-page news. Still, there it is in black and white: – courtesy of a link on a friend's Facebook page, no less.

Wayne Forrester, 34, drank alcohol and took cocaine before driving 15 miles to the family home to hack his wife Emma to death with a meat cleaver as she lay in bed. The couple had separated four days before. Forrester later told police he had been provoked by his wife changing her martial status to "single" on her Facebook entry.

Pretty shocking stuff. But what was more disturbing were some of the comments posted by Brits reading the story online. "She shouldn't have changed her Facebook status so soon and thought about the repurcussions of doing so," one guy wrote.

Even if you give this reader a break because he lacks basic dental health care, lives in a delusional country that thinks it still matters to the rest of the world and pays taxes to support a royal inbred family, he stepped over the line.

But his sentiment, and the sad demise of Emma + Wayne, illustate how easy it is to lose yourself in the World of Facebook, where the temptation to post every little move you make is hard to resist.

The world is now divided into Facebook users and non-Facebook users. You non-users may find it hard to understand. My husband, a non-Facebooker, was vaguely amused by my Facebook obsession. Then annoyed. He wanted to know what was for dinner, not what Friend No. 164 was doing today.

Now he claims to be totally uninterested in my Facebook life. Although I did catch him checking over my shoulder the other night to see my relationship status.