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Why Hate Kate?

OK, she does seem shrew-like. She snaps at her husband on national television. She's bossy. She may have even fooled around with her bodyguard. But why is Kate, the better half of TLC's Monday night reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8, getting such a raw deal from the media?

While that lame-o, college-dropout husband of hers wins over public opinion despite his alleged infidelity, tabloid magazine covers are crucifying his strong-willed wife as Mommie Dearest with headlines like INSIDE JON'S PRISON and MOM TO MONSTER.

What is Kate guilty of? Having the nerve to get French manicures and a tanning bed tan when she should be home wiping butts and mouths? I fail to see why Kate's trendy haircut or tangerine bikini are signs that she's a bad mother.

They condemn her because she likes to get free stuff. Uh, who doesn't? Come on, you can't tell me you didn't get a blip of joy the last time you found those free return address labels in the mail.

No, Kate's only mistake is trying to milk as many freebies and dollars as she can for her kids out of her 15 fleeting minutes of fame. Any self-respecting mom of multiple multiples would scramble to do the same. How else do you feed, clothe and send eight kids to college? (Octomom, who's looking more and more functional every day, just inked a deal with a British production company to start filming her own reality TV show.)

While Kate Gosselin is rushing around, writing books, appearing at speaking engagements, and wiping little butts, her "poor" husband wallows in the uncertainty of what he wants to do with the rest of his life. He certainly now has the means to go back to college and finish his degree, but he shows no signs of pursuing that. Or doing much work of any kind.

What woman wouldn't snap at that?

So she runs the household with an iron fist. Is there any other way to run a home with eight kids and a guy who looks and acts all the time like he just smoked two huge doobies in the garage? This is the classic case of an overworked and exasperated mom shouldering more than her share of work while hubbie lays on the couch, dreaming about surfing and forgetting to take out the trash. Marriage only succeeds when two adults work at it, and this union seems to be missing one.