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Elf Adventures, Part II

Since posting my blog about Elf on the Shelf earlier this week, I have had a bunch of clever moms contact me with their mischief-making ideas. So I'm starting a running list of not-so-messy messes that elves can leave every morning. (We elf-loving moms need all the help we can get.)

I noticed my youngest daughter and about four other girls in her class gathering each morning and swapping stories about what their elves did. (They're probably saying, "Guess what my crazy mom did last night?!") Anyway, the pressure is on for elf to get wacky!

Please add your ideas to the mix. Eight more days to go until the elf madness stops for another year!


1. Used white snow in a can to spray a message on the sliding glass doors or a window. (This is such a great one, thanks Debbie!) I was afraid to spray this stuff on my door because the can warns not to use it on tinted glass, so I sprayed "I'm watching you" on the bathroom mirror this morning. A little creepy, but that's elf for you.

2. Spelled out "HO HO HO" in toilet paper across the Xmas. tree or floor.

3. Stuck the elf in the freezer.

4. Turned the kids' school uniforms inside out.

5. Put a picture of himself as the screensaver on the family computer. (This is creepy, too, but I love it.)

6. "Drove" the family car to a new spot so it wasn't where we left it the night before.

7. Filled the bathroom with balloons.

8. Opened all the Christmas books and propped them up around the living room.

9. Switched the contents of their backpacks.