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Do You Trust This Woman?

I recently received an e-mail touting Kelly Ripa as the spokesmodel for Electrolux and burst out laughing.

Electrolux is a fancy brand of washers, dryers, ovens and dishwashers. For some reason, this European appliance company thinks moms everywhere will identify with an emaciated talk show host when they think about dirty clothes and dishes. One ad shows the celebrity mother of three sitting atop a "turquoise sky" blue front-loading washer and dryer with a pile of neatly-folded laundry in her lap. Her bony arms are extended with upturned palms, as if to say, "I woke up before dawn, filmed my morning show, wiped my kids' butts and did a stack of laundry – easy peezy."

The assumption is that you, too, can marry a soap opera hunk and engage in faux-witty repartee with Regis Philbin every morning if you are willing to spend a month's mortgage on this lovely, albeit odd-colored, washing machine and dryer.

Do advertisers really think moms are this shallow? We all know that Kelly Ripa would never risk breaking a nail to sort colors from whites.

So now we have to add cute Kelly to our famous moms' gallery of shameful shillers, which includes: Heidi Klum (McDonald's), Cindy Crawford (Rooms To Go), Angelina Jolie (Heinz), Reese Witherspoon (Avon), Rachel Hunter (Slim-Fast), Tori Spelling (NutriSystem), Sarah Jessica Parker (Gap) and Gwen Stefani (Hewlett-Packard cameras), among other absurd pairings.

I find it so insulting when a company tries to sell a product by plastering a famous mom on the ad, especially when it's obvious the woman knows nothing about what she's selling and can't be trusted.

That's like saying we should elect a man for president just because he sticks a mom on his ticket.