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Jonas Brothers, part II: Coming to your daughter's bedroom

This was too delicious to resist: A company called Delta Children's Products has come out with a new line of Jonas Brothers/Camp Rock licensed room gear and -- I am not making this up -- the press release for it says " will be able to bring the excitement of the Jonas Brothers to their very own room.''

As if every, red-blooded, pre-teen girl hasn't already brought the excitement of the Jonas Brothers to her bedroom.

The "rockin' new line of room decor" includes a camp chair and ottoman.

Great, now your daughter can sit on the JoBros' faces without leaving her room. The press release goes on to urge girls: "Flip over the top of the ottoman and use as a tray, or close it back up and kick up your legs in style!"

The guys who wrote this press release during happy hour must have had a blast.

The line is available at Target starting June 15, which happens to be Father's Day. Sorry dad, when the room is rockin', don't come a knockin'.