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What's In & Out, According to Mom

You think the past year has flown by? As I look at this year's holiday cards and photos, I realize as a mom that it's really the past 10 years that have disappeared as quickly as a Snapchat photo.

Here's how dramatically my life has been altered in just a decade, measured by my kids and their changing preferences as they've shape-shifted from toddlers to tweens.


Phonics Emoji

I'm A Little Teapot Call Me Maybe

Huggies Skinny jeans

Naps Apps

Play Groups Instagram

Hardy Boys Hunger Games boys

The Wiggles One Direction

Milk mustaches Fake mustaches

Pacifiers Maybelline Baby Lips

Gymboree dELiA's

The Cheetah Girls Pitch Perfect

Steve from Blue's Clues Josh Hutchinson

MMR Vaccine HPV Vaccine

Muppets Vampires

Tooth Fairy Orthodontist