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Have you turned into your mom?

I first detected it in my voice when I starting waking my kids up for school. Something about the forced cheerfulness in my tone.

Then I caught myself telling my sick kids that they'd feel better if they just got up and brushed their teeth.

Yikes, I've turned into my mother.

I'm not really complaining. It's just that I'm a little startled that, no matter how hard I tried to be my own person, there are pieces of her lodged permanently inside me.

I think we're all susceptible to this. My friend Paul said he knew he had turned into his dad when he realized he was reading Consumer Reports on the toilet.

It happened oh-so-gradually, but the signs are there …

1. I caught myself washing out gallon baggies to use over again.

2. I started buying one-pieces instead of bikinis.

3. I stand on the sidelines or sit in the bleachers at every game & race in my kids' schedule.

4. I get tipsy after one glass of wine.

5. I put on my fuzzy socks as soon as I get home from work.

6. I hear my grandmother in my mom's voice.

7. I pull something off the rack in the clothing department and ask myself, "Do I really need that?"

8. I'm annoyed with my daughter for borrowing my top and leaving it balled up on her bedroom floor.

9. I keep stocking things in the freezer, as if preparing for Armageddon.

10. I save pieces of wrapping paper even though they're way too small to ever use.

11. I collect all those little hotel shampoo bottles and actually use them.

12. I refuse to lie for my kids when someone calls the house and they don't want to come to the phone.

13. I can't stay awake past 10 p.m.

What was your first sign that you were morphing into your mother?