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We Don't Need No Stinkin' Sex Patches!

After moms have worked all day, made dinner, washed the dishes, supervised homework, folded the clean laundry, paid the bills and put the kids to bed, men are still baffled why we're not in the mood for a romp under the covers before the 6 a.m. alarm heralds a return to the hamster wheel of life.

Now some scientists in South Miami have come up with a "cure." Hailed as the female Viagra, a testosterone patch is being developed by a South Florida company to help women with low sexual desire, according to a story in the Miami Herald's business section Friday.

I bet my stimulus tax rebate that these patch-happy scientists are men. OK, that rebate money is long gone. But I can still see these researchers hanging around the water cooler as they discuss their latest project to get more mileage out of their wives. "Hey, don't tell Madge, but I slipped a sex patch on her last night!"

The problem is that, unlike men – whose sexual dysfunction is pretty much tied to one simple apparatus – women lose their sex drive for many reasons. As Eva Ritvo, a psychiatrist at the University of Miami, comments in the story, "It could be depression. Or it could be just our crazy, multi-tasking, exhausted world. And it doesn't have to be either/or."

Instead of trying sticker shock, men need to realize that the best foreplay for an overworked mom is when hubby pulls on the rubber gloves and offers to load the dishwasher.