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10 tips to improve your next fund-raiser

1. Put your project plan in writing; run your fundraiser like a business. A written project plan that spells out all roles and responsibilities is your blueprint for success. Create a timeline.

2. Recruit, recruit, recruit - People who volunteer do so because they are asked. So ask! Use your newsletter, website and word of mouth to find new blood.

3. Incorporate your website – Use it to communicate goals, thank your sponsors, recognize successes, honor individual contributors and tell about upcoming events.

4. Look at the past to plan the future - See what's been successful before. Do it again! If something is on the decline, change it. If your stakeholders are bored with a project, chances are, so is the audience you serve.

5. Define roles - Match the needs of your organization with each volunteer's skills and availability.

6. Move people around - Unless you have a good reason not to switch roles, put new people (with a good track record) in those organizational roles that will move your fund-raiser forward.

7. The early bird gets the "volunteer" - Let the community know early and often about what volunteers you need. Recruit more volunteers than you think you will need. This way, no one feels overworked.

8. Recruit a volunteer to be the volunteer coordinator - A strong communicator who will help assign and place volunteers is the best choice.

9. Set realistic goals - Let volunteers know the importance of their roles and what's in it for them.

10. Reward volunteers based upon their individual and group success.