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Baby, let's go dancing

Strobe lights and disco balls are about to win over a whole new generation of fans.

"Baby Loves Disco,'' an afternoon dance party for parents and kids to boogie down at a real discotheque, makes its South Florida debut at Fort Lauderdale's Revolution Live! nightclub this summer.

The events are like living room dance parties, only they take place in a disco -- with all the trappings, says Heather Murphy Monteith, who co-founded the events with Andy Blackman Hurwitz in 2005.

Instead of bell-bottom pants and lounge lizards, expect bubble machines, egg shakers, play scarves and balloons. When baby feels spent, have him or her check out the "chill-out room,'' which includes tents, books and puzzles. There's also a healthy snack bar to keep the kids fueled up for all that dancing.

Of course, the organizers haven't forgotten the parents. So there's a full bar serving drinks stronger than apple juice. There's also a real DJ spinning Top 40 music.

Monteith describes Baby Loves Disco as an "accidental business'' that grew out of her desire to find some place to take her own children and that wouldn't flood them with sugary drinks and expensive souvenir stores.

"My attitude and my plan for this,'' Monteith says, "is families spending time together in a fun atmosphere that's physical and represents the contemporary culture of today.''

Baby Loves Disco parties are targeted for children age 7 and younger, and their parents.

Monteith is careful to note that she isn't promoting club culture for teens. The parties only allow adults who are, as Monteith put it, "attached to a kid,'' and that includes grandparents and nannies.

The venues are "baby proofed,'' Monteith says, and each child is given a security wristband with a unique number. The supervising adult gets a ticket stub corresponding to their child.

The way Monteith sees it, the kids will love the dancing, the balloons and bubbles and maybe the music, while the adults get to reminisce about their pre-child days or just enjoy being in a quasi-adult atmosphere.

"If you have a kid 7 or under and you believe that your weekends are precious time when the family only has so much time during the week to spend together, this is a wonderful option because there is resonance for everybody.''

Only trouble now will be deciding who needs a disco nap more.