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Hot at the video store: Mom porn

Freud would have a field day in the video aisles at Pure Pleasure Adult Megacenters.

Mommy issues are making it in a most unexpected way, and the proof is in the porn. There is a booming genre of videos devoted to eroticizing mothers.

But why? What's driving the surging interest in yummy mummies (as they quaintly refer to them across the pond)?

In fact, there's a perfect storm of factors encouraging this fantasy: a bad economy in which men have been particularly bruised and a generation of man-boys stuck in arrested adolescence.

If young men are feeling particularly hapless, helpless and jobless in this moment, a soccer mom fantasy may be comforting or empowering. Does watching a mother, an increasingly powerful figure at home, get conquered by men allow them to reassert control that has been lost in changing gender roles at home?

"A lot of younger guys come in the shop, and you'd be surprised what kind of DVDs they're choosing," says Jim Kleinhans, part owner of Pure Pleasure Adult Megacenters, with nine locations across the country. He noticed that mother-themed pornography took off about three years ago.

He sees more interest in videos starring older women, but it seems to go beyond the allure of an experienced woman. There is also an emerging class of faux-mommy whores.

"An adult movie title might say something about soccer moms, but the girl starring in it is 19 or 20 years old," he explained. The title itself plays off the mom fantasy -- even if the actresses are nowhere near motherhood.

The mom-themed videos have been gaining momentum over the past several years, he said. "It's become a major proportion of our sale and rental income," Kleinhans said.

For earlier generations, there was the iconic Mrs. Robinson seducing the graduate.

Then there was Stifler's mom on American Pie deflowering a high school senior. Stifler's mom, played by the dishy Jennifer Coolidge, may be single-handedly responsible for propelling a slang acronym that describes a mother someone would like to bed (using graphic language unfit for publication) into popular lexicon. She helped usher in an era of mainstream mommy lust.

Coolidge says her role in the American Pie movies has made her an international magnet for younger men.

"It was always the cliche of men leaving their wives for younger women," she said. "The playing field is sort of even now. Women make their own salaries. They can do the exact same thing and can have a younger man."

A 40-year-old man with a self-described casual interest in this subject says the reason most men like mommy porn is much less complicated than a subconscious desire to regain control in the face of emasculating social and economic forces.

"It is naughty," he explained. "This is ultimately a fantasy in which a man has stumbled across a hidden treasure trove of sexual pleasures which have been covered up with dowdy clothes and a mass of responsibilities. The woman is still vital and hungry -- and when engaged, voracious."