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No Imaginary Penguins Will Go Hungry

My daughter asked me for real money to furnish a virtual igloo.

It's been five days since we've joined Club Penguin.

Club Penguin is a Shangri-La for penguins with pixilated DNA. There are no velvet ropes in this Club, no entry fees and no two drink minimum. It's an addicting virtual world.

What you get to start is a nude penguin which you can waddle through a virtual artic wonderland. There are games to play, clubs to dance at, and shopping. And more shopping. There are shops to buy clothes and shops to buy igloo furniture, pets to buy and accessories to buy those pets. As in the real world, the walking tour is free, everything else costs coins. It's like Aventura Mall without shopping bags. You see, in this virtual world you can only buy virtual stuff. (Virtual stuff is great in the sense it takes up no closet space.)

Sorry baby girl, I am not paying real money for what is, quite literally, nothing. It's nice of you to think they are, but those penguins aren't cold without clothes. And, no, I am not worried about where the penguin is going to sleep.

I won't buy food for her Leapster pet either.

My daughter thinks I'm being mean.