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Mourning Showers

I used to take 2 showers a day, one in the morning and one at night. Not because I felt dirty, but because it relaxed me. This was how I’d wake up, organize my thoughts, center myself, and, most importantly, get my frizzy-curly hair into a manageable place.

And I was living up north where showers (water) were free. They’re calorie-free, too, so lovely all around.

So for years and years it was my ritual to wake up and take a long shower. They were around 45 minutes long and I didn’t care what my roommate/husband/sister whomever I was living with at the time thought. They’d figure out in the first week they lived there and compromises would be made. I usually agreed to get up earlier and it worked out fine.

Now, with Penélope, forget it.

She’s a great sleeper at night, thank goodness. She can sleep through me banging my foot on things in the dark, my cursing the computer and a cat who will knock down everything that’s not glued. But in the morning, it's a whole different story. She’s the princess and the inaudible rustle of the bed sheet is a pea the size of Venus. I’ve tried to wake up earlier then Penelope. But no matter how quiet I am, she hears me and wakes up too. Then it’s all about her.

Her. Her. Her. Her!!!!

Change me. Love me. Feed me. Love me. Look at me put on necklaces. Look at me try to pull the coocoo clock off the wall. I'm turning my sippy cup over and pouring it on the floor now.

And her favorite word “up” “Up” UP”

Now did I lose my morning showers because I’m a single working mom? Upon thoughtful reflection, no. If I had a husband would he have watched Penelope while I took a shower? From MY experience as a married, a big resounding NO! I had a husband and as vivid as my imagination is, I can’t see him ever watching a child in the mornings while I took a long shower (or even a short one). He was preparing to go to work himself and I can’t remember him ever being pleasant and non-homicidal enough to trust with a child before he had his coffee.

And he didn't drink house coffee. We didn't even have a working coffee maker. He NEEDED Starbucks. And he'd be a jerk in the mornings til he got it.

Of course, now that I’ve moved to FL, water is no longer free. And we’re always having a drought, so I ought to be congratulating myself on the no morning showers.

Now I take one shower, washing my hair at night after Penelope is asleep with hot water that lasts 5-10 minutes at most.

So here in Florida I look more rumpled than usual with my fine hair that HATES this weather and frizzes as soon as it can. But I’m sure the cat hairs and baby food stains on my clothes don’t help my case at all. I am a long way from my more glamorous Gucci/ cocktail party days.

And do I miss those?


Any other moms out there who miss something now that the kids are here? Not that we'd ever consider giving them away ... Maybe just loaning them out....