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Itâ™s Me Time!!!!

Yep. It’s that time. Around 10 pm. Finally. It’s me time. Me, me, ME time! I’m exhausted and wedging toothpicks between my eyelids to keep them open, but its Me Time! Time to write! Time to catch up with people on Facebook! Time to figure out why my finances don’t balance and time to clear out a drawer! Time to draw and paint and read. I have so much to catch up on: the news, the Best of Craigslist, You Tube, Law & Order. Time to put photos in the albums and do what I want to do. I can read a book!!!

What I really want to do most is be able to stay awake so I can enjoy this time.

Her time will start at 7am. Then it will be the usual whirlwind of breakfast/library/park/mall/lunch/Jumping Jellybeans/ Café Bambini/ potty training (oi!)/Children’s Museum/Parrot Jungle Island/dinner/classes/swimming/snacks/ errands/ friend’s houses/multiple costume changes/bath/cousins. More than one in a day from that list, but no more than five.

But I will not let that be a damper on Me Time! Maybe I'll call a friend and we can reminisce about our old Me TIme. The Me Time that started at 6:30 pm with a dry martini and impromptu dinner plans at a restaurant hostilely ignorant of children's menus, high chairs and place mats with crayons. There was a time I wore "dry clean only"...

I know I will be tired and grumpy tomorrow but there just isn’t enough time. I don’t want to “waste” my precious free time sleeping. But I am going to interrupt my writing just to close my eyes. I’ll be but 5 minutes.