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If You Give A Messy House a Thought...

As soon as you come home, your child is ready to eat.

As soon as you are ready to clean up the dinner prep mess, you are distracted by tomorrow's to-do list.

As soon as you finish tomorrow's lunch making and get to organizing the mail, the microwave goes off.

As soon as you eat dinner and it's time to clean up, she needs to go to the bathroom.

As soon as you clean her bottom, she needs to take a bath.

As soon as you are ready to clean the bath, she's cold, and needs pajamas.

As soon as you are ready to fold all the pajamas she has thrown to the floor in search of the one with Dora, she is at the toy shelf, looking for her evening activity.

As soon as you think she is distracted enough by a toy that you just may get some cleaning done, she wants you to play with her.

As soon as you play with her, she tires of the game after about 10 minutes and wants to put it away.

As soon as you're a quarter way done putting the toy pieces back into the box, she wanders over to the bookshelf, looking for the book about the elephant who needs hearing aids.

As soon as you are ready to pick five dozen books and a couple of bookshelf knick-knacks off the floor, she wants to brush her teeth.

As soon as you are scraping the spit toothpaste off the sink, cabinet, towel, washcloth and floor, she is ready to go to bed.

As soon as you are ready to put the stuffed animals and decorative pillows back on the bed she has just unmade with the force of a hurricane and the finesse of a rabid elephant, she is ready for her story.

As soon as you are done with the book, you. fall. right. asleep.

As soon as you fall asleep the mold, dust bunnies, Barbies and cat hair come out to party!