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Snow Days are Snow Much Fun!

I took my daughter to see snow. We went up to Detroit "Motor City" Michigan. Murder capital of the U.S., why not. The flights weren't too bad cost wise and we have relatives there. Besides, we were going for the snow. You don't have to leave your razor wired backyard for that.

I highly recommend that all Miami parents take their kids to see snow, if and as possible. Unless they've seen it themselves, they may not believe frigid crystalline white flakes can fall from the sky.

"But dandruff isn't cold, mommy."

And, surprisingly, it didn't taste cotton-y, like the stuff that surrounds the holiday train at Aventura mall.

I was born in Miami and didn't see snow until I was 9. I chose to play in the snow over attending the 1980 Men's US vs. Russia ice hockey final at the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid to play in the snow near a lake.

It wasn't until I lived in Massachusetts that I realized just how common snow was. Now that I live in Miami again, it's unfortunately rare, and I spend my vacation money chasing it. My northern friends chuckle. I can't fathom why anyone would want to spend money to visit a beach.

I want my daughter to know snow. I, personally, love the cold.

Verbal, visual and tactile vocabulary she learned this trip:

Powder snow

Snow on tongue

Snow tires

Snow shovel

Outdoor ice skating



Real meaning of cold

Yellow snow

Polar fleece

Comfort food is not ceviche (outside Miami)

She no longer draws winter scenes with people wearing t-shirts and shorts.