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I LOATHE you Kourtney Kardashian

Now my daughter's name is going to be Klassy with a capital "K".

Of the ten thousand legitimate baby names in books and an infinite number of stupid rarified celebrity baby names, you had to choose my daughter's for your newest spawn.

Kal-El, Apple, Moroccan, Bear Blu and Blue Ivy. Like Nicholas Cage, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mariah Carey, Alicia Silverstone and Beyonce respectively, you had so many names to choose from. You had to choose the one I chose.

You definitely didn't disappoint with your child's middle name, Scotland, a play on your husband's baby daddy's name. That's what the world expected from you!! You should have gone two for two.

I'm sure the Scots are thinking like me. July 8 was a black day.

When Tina Fay named her baby Penelope I wasn't thrilled, but then Tina has never been a trendsetter along the lines of you and Snooki. Now the name Penelope will stand proud with the other names popular with your fans. Krystal, Misty and Penelope.

When I named my daughter, Penelope was 481 on the name list according to Now its 169. What will it be next year thanks to you. An overused moniker, that's what it will be. When I named my kid, the most well known Penelopes were a Spanish actress and a girl with a pig nose. Now it will be favored among a tenth of moms to be and half the dog park.