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Valuable Life Lessons from a Two year Old

In life, the learning never stops and what i'm finding is to move forward, the best place to look may be back.


Let It Out, Then Get Over It

If you’re frustrated to the point of extreme, have a good cry. It flushes out the system and allows you to refocus and move on.

Try and Try Again

We as adults take it for granted we can push a button through a buttonhole or put on a backpack. We’ve forgotten we had to try and try again to get these things right – and the trying led to success. We should look back and find the confidence in that.

Follow through on your Whims

Making leaps into the unknown can produce happy surprises. Take our favorite things, what if we mix them together? My two-year old Penelope mixed cottage cheese, tuna, tomatoes, feta cheese, olives, and orange juice. She liked it. We gave it a name, Cottage Tuna juice, and she still asks for it. I like it without the juice.

See it for the First Time

Another day, another local puppet show production. I watch it with my eyes as I tune it out of my brain. Hearing my child laughing at something jolts me back into the present. The puppet is “eating” his shoe and my daughter thinks it’s the funniest thing ever. I watch the show and I watch her and the combination of the two makes this a moment I’d like to rerun forever. The humor wasn’t testing me or appealing to my cynicism, my daughter was genuinely happy. And now we both have an “inside “ joke. To this day, she still puts her foot into her mouth and says, “Look, mommy, I’m a puppet.”