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Best. Miami. Event. Ever. This weekend and Free!

This weekend is the best Miami-Dade event ever: the Annual Art of Storytelling at the downtown Miami public library. My daughter, her friend and I went to see a preview last week at a local branch.

In short, performers present all different ways to tell stories - HIGHLY ENTERTAINING ways to tell stories. (the caps are not a mistake)

At our mini-version which celebrated Argentina we saw a puppet show, a woman who read books with props and magic tricks, songs, and tango dancing. I’d never known Tango was even about telling a story until this. I feel stupid for not having known, but smart for now knowing. I am still wondering how that man managed to lift his solid looking partner up on his shoulder. The kids even got up on stage and learned a few steps.

My favorite was a woman named Nancy who works for one of the library branches. She told the story of the 3 bears – and just when you thought you’ve seen and heard every which way this story could be interpreted – she told it in Kazoo. Kazoo! Who even thinks about Kazoos anymore let alone imagines you can tell a story with one.

My daughter and her friend loved it all. And, boy, did her friend get upset when her dad had to come get her before it was over. We stayed for another show and then went over to the crafts table. My daughter and I stayed until they took back the crayon she was using, to put it away.

Next week is the real thing. All moms, you really must go! I went last year and if it’s only half as good it will be amazing.

International Festival Day

Saturday, May 1, 2010 – 10:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Main Library, 101 W Flagler Street