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The Shaming of Florida

I turned the radio in my car to hard core rap today to protect my daughter's innocent ears from my usual talk radio. Florida has proven to be a tremendous embarassment, but I can deflect that. You were born in New York I tell her. You're a New Yorker.

What bothers me more is how all this mess in Florida goes against every grain of true democracy.

I want to protect her innocence about voting. I want her to believe she will turn 18 and have a vote that counts. I take her with me when I vote. But, in Florida it seems, only some people should count. That's not a lesson I want her to learn.

All the things she sees and knows have a rainbow of people in them. White, black, Asian, Indian (from India), Native-American, they're all good. Then let's turn to the adults of our state. They've drawn new lines. Republicans and democrats. Where's the Sesame Street episode on this?

And don't get me started on the ads that were run. The lesson there wasn't build yourself up. It was tear the other person down. In school that's called bullying.

It's so hard to beleive politicians were once positive role models.