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WARNING: The Christmas ads are coming. The Christmas ads are coming.

I was watching TV with my 3 year old the other day. Of course there were commercials.

“Mommy, I want all the toys on the TV.”

“OK. Great idea,” I said. “But your Duckie is not on the TV. Let’s throw your blankie out to make room for those great toys on TV.”

That ended that conversation. We took a trip to Toys R Us a few days later and she didn’t ask for anything from the TV. She wanted whatever it was I wanted to buy her cousin. Her cousin is having a birthday soon.

But advertisers are ggetting trickier. And it's not just becasue Christmas is coming. There’s a lot of technology that allows them be. On Facebook the ads have got me pegged as an overweight, cat loving mom who is interested in meeting Japanese singles and wants to get her MBA. Close enough to have me thinking twice about what I post. Of course they haven’t perfected it yet. Say something like “Surprise party! Don’t let the cat out of the bag” and you too can hear from everyone from the bounce houses party rentals to Gucci to the makers of costume antlers for your fur friends.

But they’re starting to hit my mom spot more. I am seeing ads for Sawgrass Mall (photo with Christmas lights) and cute little clothes (in Christmas light colors). I can only imagine the other side of the Halloween Hump. It's so hard for me. I must try very hand not to click on anything pink and princessy and Disney branded. Must resist. Must resist.

Moms be warned. Advertisers know you’re holding the holiday purse strings. You, according to the various tracking systems and multi-million dollar focus groups, have the spending power. They’re going to hit you and your kids with every buzzword/ catchphrase/ cartoon character / coupon/ savings plan they’ve got.

“Please please please” say the advertisers “We’ll be your best friends if you buy our product.”

“If you don’t buy from us we’ll hold our breath until we turn blue.”

“You don’t want our product?! I hate you. I HATE YOU HATE YOU HATE YOU!!!!”

Be strong, moms!