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Innocence or ignorance?

My mom gave my daughter a pack of temporary tattoos. The candy colored unicorn one said "I'm so horny."

Forget about the blatant and obvious, it's the subtle I'm worried about.

I get embarrassed now when the Greased Lightening song comes on during the movie Grease. I saw that 6000 times as a kid. I had the Fotonovel and we played the 8-track in the car. I never noticed how X-rated that song was until recently, after not having thought about the movie or song until I wanted to introduce it to my daughter. Of course, Greased Lightning, cousin of Lightning McQueen, is her favorite song.

Now I'm still telling her that beer is soda and the like. But she's getting smarter.

- Why can I have your diet coke but I can't try that soda, she'll ask.

- I have a cold I don't want you to catch.

How many things are seeping into my daughter's brain unnoticed. Things she doesn't even know are there, and she'll only recognize later. Is it innocence or ignorance?

I don't look forward to the day when she knows more than me.

MOS = Mom over shoulder