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Masters of the Uterus

Evolution is moving in the right direction. Thanks to science we no longer need men. We can kill bugs, fix leaky faucets, and have children on our own. All we need is a few token breeder males, a stud farm of sorts. We'll keep the handsome, smart ones, who aren’t afraid to express their emotions. What a fantastic way to move forward.

We can even choose the sex of our children before they’re born. Women’s basketball teams not getting the attention they deserve? No high school funding to start a women’s football. Women can control how many men populate the earth of the future. Then the men will have no choice but to watch the women play.

Lonely for the comfort of a man? I get lonely too. O well, all plans have flaws but it’s cool to know that the power of being a woman really is the purest power of all. Moms, we’re moving on up.