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New Everything, including guilt and lunch bags

This is going to be a short blog as I am in the middle of two huge transitions. One, my little girl is starting school and I am making myself crazy worrying about everything from getting those important immunization records to what kind of lunch bag should she bring (thermal?).

I am also starting a new job on Monday, one i'm excited about, and there's a lot to prepare for that. I also do SAT/PSAT tutoring and as every mom of a high schooler or ambitious jr. high schooler knows, that's fast approaching too. (I've proudly got a great method of teaching the reading comprehension and writing that i'll have to put down on paper someday) ((I have a partner who does the math))

I'm happier when i'm busy then when I'm not busy but its a mixed blessing with the job and the daughter. How do working moms do it when work is far from home? Also I feel so guilty to be losing those 3 hours between 2 (when she would have ended school anyway) and 5 (when I can now get her) I've got other guilt issues as well.

I'll write more next week, promise.