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Are You a SMOG?

I learned a new mommy related word this week that I didn't know existed. The word is SMOG and it stands for the Smug Mother Of Girls. It's a word that refers to mothers who adore their little girls and are horrified/terrified at the thought of raising boys. Perhaps it was invented as an insult, but many times truths come packaged as such.

Though, according to a description of a SMOG, I am supposed to be making offhand comments to moms of boys to show off my superiority. Comments such as: Was it challenging for you to decorate in Clone Wars? Or, this morning my daughter woke me up with a handwritten poem and then we spent the day making pom-pom animals and cupcakes.

The thing is its hard to feel superior when you don't really know what the other side is like. It's hard to be smug when you don't know what the future will be like. I think boys may be simpler. More easy to understand. More straightforward. My daughter is 4 going on 14, seriously. She's into gossip and fashion. She throws hissy fits. So unlike me at her age, so unlike me at any age. I really do believe I'll be eating my words here on being a proud SMOG one day. I will be spending weekly salaries on accessories.

Right now, yes, it's hard not to disguise my relief that I had a girl. And it's not just because I'm a single mom. I'd choose Princesses on Ice over a football game any day. Pink over primary red. Frills over frogs. But, really, that's all surface.

Perhaps, if I had a boy, I'd feel differently. I am one of three sisters so its not like I have a proper persepective. In India or China it would be like winning the lottery. I am pretty sure I'd like my kid no matter if it's a boy or girl (though I'd especially like my boy if he liked show tunes). There are books on raising boys and many parents to consult with. I am sure if I took him to Toys R Us and let him run, he'd truffle out the things he likes. I love my nephews. I hear boys are easier when they're teenagers. I've heard many complaints from dating friends that boys these days are too close to their mothers. From a mother of a boy's point of view, I wouldn't be sad about that at all.

But boy or girl. I have lost enough babies to know that a person is lucky to get any baby at all.

What do you think? Do you know a SMOG? Or are you one? Are girls seen as the better sex?