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The Baby is Coming, His Job is Going: An Open Letter

Dear Friend Who Just Lost his Job and Has a Baby on the Way,

1. Think of the upside. You still have a few more months before baby comes. Take this time to +do the things you want to do. Go for a morning walk and enjoy the birds. Spend some time at Target enjoying the packaging. Sleep late. Take in a museum and “you break it you buy it stores”. Watch junky TV. You will still be able to do this when you have a baby, but you will need to compress your moment of bliss into 2 minutes or less. Unless the junky TV you like is SpongeBob.

2. Don’t read celebrity magazine. Celebrity magazines lead you to believe you are a criminal parent unless you enhance the design sensibility of your child with the coordinated Vintage Pink and Brown French Toile Bedding Set of 100% Cotton Cream Chenille and Ultra soft Textured Sherpa Gingham ($499). Hahaha. The baby will spit up in them and you’ll be running to TJMaxx for the “temporary sheet”. You’ll see that the baby likes that plush fuzzy $20 sheet just as much and you’ll leave it, clashing with the rest of the room décor. You’ll be too busy sterilizing the bottles to care. And you’ll soon realize your baby is more fascinated her fingers than the Limited edition Steiff plush.

3. Return the changing table. The 90 boxes of diapers it will pay for are far more valuable. I changed my baby on a changing pad placed on my bed and it all worked out fine. If you can’t remember to place the baby vertically to the edge, once she can roll, maybe you shouldn’t be alone with her. And where that changing table would have been taking up space, are now books and toys.

4. If you’re not going to breast feed, use Nutramigen. It’s the “gold standard” of baby formula. Doctors – most of whom are too busy to breast feed – use it for their kids. When the other mommies give you the dirty glances, pause and attract attention to your baby sling. Look disdainfully at their Bugaboo.

5. Babies don’t need much. One of my best “extra” purchases was a Moses basket. With the Moses basket I didn’t need to pay for any expensive room monitoring. I’d cart my baby from room to room, able to watch her.

6. Shop second hand. O-3 months is 90 days of wear. Think of it. Look for my baby clothes in the second hand stores. New Lily Pulitzer and My Sister Sam. It’s everything with Dora and Princesses that are worn through. And make excellent friends with people with girls slightly older than yours...

It's all about staying flexible and creative!

With love,