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Redefining Milestones

I remember all the milestones I waited for: turning over, holding head up, getting teeth, first word, crawling, walking, jumping...

And now I realize there are a whole lot more. They're not in any book. They're the ones that make my three-year old most proud. She's really proud she can jump, that is a big one for her, and for the book too. But she is just as excited about putting on her own pajamas and reaching the back of my car seat from hers by stretching her legs out - boy, is she proud kicking my car seat. Look, mommy, I am so big she says. And I just grin and bear it, careful not to damage her self-esteem.

I encourage her as she "spreads" her own cream cheese on the toast with a child knife and mixes the chocolate powder into the milk. Today her eyes glistened with excitement as she showed me she could stand on her step stool and reach the handle of the sink.

I write everything down, to reminisce over, as her new skills replace the old ones in her mind. I don't want them to get erased for me.