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My Child Needs Sketchers (and other popular brands)!

Or whatever else is popular. If you want your child to be successful that is.

That's what The Washington Post told me. Apparently. popular kids will earn more in the long run. This has pretty much confirmed what I've been thinking since high school. It comes as no surprise that people give jobs to people they like. And if you were liked in high school then you likely still know how to be likable. You know how to make connections and maintain them. You know the secret handshake.

Granted my kid is in elementary school. I have no idea what it takes to be popular in high school. I have no idea who is considered popular. Not now and not when I was in high school.

The best thing about this study was, what doesn't appear to matter are factors like socioeconomic status, family background, school quality, and adult personality traits. What matters is that you learned to play the game. The article says there are important factors propelling this magnetism including a "warm family environment," and whether they were smarter and older than their peers.

Given this, I'm going to have to rethink this science, tech, engineering, math focus. Then again, the article doesn't say who exactly she needs to be popular with.

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