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Drowning in Art

I am a proud mom and I love nothing more than displaying my child's masterpieces around the house for everyone to see.

But everyday it seems my daughter adds 10-15 more pieces to our art collection. And i'm running out of refrigerator space, and wall space and waterproof plastic box space. On the latter I could go to the Container Store and get more, but next I'll need a Shipping Container.

She may do some painting at school and then coloring at the library. The worst is when she makes sculpture out of recycled junk. How do you store a milk jug with paint, sequins, feathers and macaroni? In the garage or the refrigerator?

I do admit I have a tendency towards hoarding. Not old newspapers or worn shoes, but things i believe I may later miss. Like her artwork. I can see a progression in development that I enjoy. They drawings are reminiscent of man's evolution from amoebas with, perhaps, a large ovoid body, one arm and eyes which may or may not have been drawn on the body, to people with two legs, 5 fingers and nostrils.

I could take pictures of all the work and keep it that way. But a digital Renoir, Picasso or Heller will never be as good as the real thing. Especially if the original has glitter.