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Where Did My Life Go?

Only 5 years ago I was a totally different person. I was living in New York, I was travelling, I was going to rooftop parties, and I had an exciting career bouncing around Manhattan ad agencies, writing ads and going on shoots. Now I have a job I like, it's stable, the people are nice, I have traded in my Yoshi Yamamoto cloting for Dress Barn. I have become more domesticated. Overall I am happy with my mommy life.

However, its hard not to thnk back to the first 35 years of my life. They feel like they belong to someone else. There is not much connecting my present to my past or the other way around. I find I have new friends - mommy friends all - and little time for the old ones, granted they live far away and none of us were ever phone people. But, I have no time to even make new friends like the old ones. Now that I am a mom, i no longer have the ability to be whim-centric and engaging. The spontaneous three matrinis after's the life of someone else. So are midnight chats with an inebriated friend and going on a random Wednesday night to see a new band.

The first half of my adult life seems to belong to some other person and it feels alienating.

Do any other moms feel that?