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AT&T Hates Working Mothers

Especially single ones. Actually, I’m sure they hate lots of their customers.

30 minutes is a long time to wait on hold.

Four hours is an even longer time to wait at home with an active toddler for a repairman who never shows up. It’s especially tough with a 3 year old who’d rather be climbing. It’s tougher to tell your child she had to leave her friend and the wonderful Miami Children’s Museum to wait for that repairman. Then liar, liar pants on fire when no repairman came. He didn’t even have the courtesy to call.

Worse, too, when mommy’s on the phone for the next 2 hours using colorful new vocabulary words.

Tuesday the AT&T lady tells me. Tuesday, the repairman can come back. And he’ll come somewhere between 8 and 12.

Tuesday? I need to wait for 4 hours again – the window AT&T demands for itself.

So, basically, AT&T wants me to stay home from my job and give up vacation time for them. And I pay them for this privilege. Hello, AT&T. I’m a working mom. I need those sick days and vacation days for my daughter. If she gets ill I need them to take her to the doctor. If she’s well, I want to go to Disney World. I don’t want to appease some billion-dollar company who couldn’t be bothered to come on the weekend when they said they would.

For four long hours I waited at home, on a Saturday, and the repair guy never bothered to show up – or even call.

And on Sunday it happened again! One appointment, zero calls, zero repairman.

Anyone with a child knows that 4 hours at home can be counted in dog years. For those 4 hours of time at home, I will need 28 hours to clean it up.

Thank goodness Grammy was able to stay at home on Monday. But, really, what about all the moms out there without that help? If you’re dealing with AT&T, I think my daughter has some new words she can teach you.