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The Start of an Adventure: Kindergarten

An exchange between my daughter P and a native French man, someone I know, and a stranger to her:

Me introducing him to P: This is Nicholas and he is from France.

He to P: Do you speak French?

P: Yes.

He: What words do you know?

P: (in a heavy American accent) Bon-jur

He: (beautifully accented) It is said, Bonjour.

P: It's Bon-jur

He: I am from France.

P: I took a French class

My interpretation of this exchange: Education=confidence

She started Kindergarten this week in a new school. New uniform. New teacher. No tears. On day one she was showing the boy next to her how well she could read. She wondered why some children in her class were crying. She was excited to learn when I left her at the school. She was excited to show off her math. She really likes science. Right now our new obsession is Oleander caterpillars, the brightly colored, poison plant eaters living a few doors down. I believe in education. I work with my daughter.

I hope she stays excited. I hope she stays confident.

Please, school, don't let me down.