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making memories to forget

Here I am. It’s midnight and I’m looking for a weekend activity for us to do that Penelope won’t remember we did. Like many moms, I want to fill my child’s days with enriching activities and cherished memories. I want her to have a rich, textured life chock full of good experiences. I want her to never be able to say “You never took me to anything” or “You never did anything with me.” I want her to have less to complain to her therapist about when it comes to me.

Music lessons. Parks. Disney. The circus. Pony rides. Museums. Art classes. The Parrot Jungle. The beach. The pool. One star restaurants. Three star restaurants. Petting zoos. Frankenmuth, Michigan. New York City. Renaissance Fairs. We have the pictures to prove it. We’re on our way.

But is it way too early to be doing all these things now.

I mean how much do I remember from when I was two?

Small snippets of Disney: Waiting on line for Dumbo, confronting Tigger, a balloon with mouse ears, a Minnie Mouse doll, the Mickey Mouse review, my first pair of clip on earrings. I felt so grown up with my dangling Winnie-the-Poohs with the forever memory, excruciating pain once my earlobes became unpinched and the bloodflow returned to my nerves, I still rarely wear earrings today. Back at home, I remember my sister being born and sharing my room and crying all the time and me not liking the sister idea. I remember a scooter with a front shaped like a cartoon moose.

Yes I remember these things well but that’s about it. Even with all the pictures. And I’m doing that with my daughter now. Lots of experiences, lots of pictures. I asked a mommy friend about this and she said that what we do now isn’t about what they remember, it’s about setting the tone.

That made sense.

The poor man who falls in love with her and has to continue this tone I think as I decide that this weekend we’ll go on a mommy-made picnic which means all her favorite yummy store bought foods, a freshly laundered blanket to sit on, and a new kite to fly that I will let her pick out herself. And that’s just Saturday morning.