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Any He will be Number Three

To any man that chooses to date me: my daughter comes first.

I come second most of the time except if you’re sick, and I don’t mean with a sniffle. (Try to be a “man” first, before you attempt the child thing.)

You come third.

It’s not a bad place to be.

You just need to know that children come first. That’s the way its supposed to be. See, you’re an adult you should get that. Spend any time with a child and you’ll see that they don’t. They understand when they’re being left out and it’ll only damage their self-esteem.

If your self-esteem is damaged, blame your own mom.

Yes, future husband, who can never read this or I will be single even longer, my Sophie’s Choice would be easy. Without a doubt, you'd be the one to go off the cliff. I’m tough. But, then, I’m also fair. I’d hope you’d pick my child over me too, making her happy and including her at the expense of entertaining me

My happiness comes from her being happy. And the fact that she can’t stay up half as late as me means I can still get some me time in, or couple time, or combing the fleas off the grateful cat time.

Of course, if he is patient things will work themselves out. One day she’ll grow up and move out to have a family of her own. She’ll still be first but I am cautiously optimistic I am not raising a kid who needs me everyday. She’ll be secure enough to know I am always here when she needs me.

What do you get out of dating a single mom?

  1. You get to delight in instant family. And you are past the point of going to work with spit up on your shoulder.
  2. I’ll never make you do the dishes or scrub pots. However, you will have to haul out the mac and cheese boxes and help clean up the microwave.
  3. I’m too tired to nag you about where you leave your socks. I’ll just pick them up for you. And stuff them in your briefcase.

Dating a single mom does have its perks.