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What's Your Toddlers Cultural IQ?

Few places in life make me feel older than the college campus where I work. I walk from the University of Miami parking lot, to the school, and from the school to the food court, library, or around the lake. On my way, I pass many of the students, and their age is the half way point between me and my daughter, almost exactly. Battling the cellulite of my old age but not yet the hearing loss, I capture snippets of their conversation, me aware of them, them aware of the person on the other end of their cell phones.

Among the highlights of my month were references to the Arthur theme song, “Duck Tales” and “Heroes in a half shell”. I felt young just knowing what they were.

It made me wonder what the cultural landmarks will be for my daughter’s generation.

She’ll never know a time when Princesses came separately. Or temperatures were taken from behind.

Few people my age aren’t familiar with the Sunday night showing of the Wonderful World of Disney, before the animals could move their lips. Or waiting eagerly for those Saturday morning cartoons. Now it’s all on-demand. If you are desperate to hear Meeska-Mooska-O Toodles or someone yellow and square who lives in a pineapple under the sea, and its not on one of your 987 channels immediately, it might be found on a website. Penelope won’t have any fond memories of family trips to the video store. DVDs are $5.99 at CVS. Toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, and Dora, 24/7.

The plump toddler, cousin of Diego, will always have a warm place in her heart, along with Elmo, and Barney, and she likes Curious George – really good things really are good forever (sorry Jonas brothers) - though when we read the original book, we talk about how only monkeys would smoke a pipe. But the record player reference in Curious George Goes to the Hospital , forget it. I now tell her it’s a spinning toy.

She also like those blue and pink animals who sing and wear overalls I am not sure what their story is.

Soon, young college kids, my daughter’s generation will make you feel old, too. And my generation, we’ll just feel a little older than that.

Britney Spears is already on the oldies station.