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I Can Do It Time

My brother-in-law the pediatrician broke it down best. The days go by slowly, but the years go by fast. For me the absolutely slowest increments of time spent with my child is "I can do it" time.

My daughter wants to do everything herself. Which is great. I've raised an independent self-confident kid.

The thing is I just don't want to wait. Yes, you can do it, girl, but I can do it faster. And we need to be somewhere. Or I just want to be doing something else besides watching you tie a knot, or not, over and over.

And like certain athletes she only wants to give it this go when it's "Game On" as in the clock has 5 seconds left and we have 50 yards to run, a pitbull to wrestle and a sandbox we need to empty with a spoon to tie the game. If I give her the shoes to practice tying with when we have nowhere to go, she's just not into it.

Now the other day she told me for her birthday she really wanted to go back on a cruise to the Bahamas. This took me by surprise. Cruises are my least favorite vacation. Rather than apply my own thinking, I asked her what she liked so much about the cruise we went on. She said she liked that we were never in a rush. And it's true. We never were in a rush because there was nothing to rush to do.

If she wanted to spend 45 minutes tying her shoelace, I let her do it. if she wanted to cut her own food, I let her do it. Same goes for putting on her clothes, brushing her teeth, etc.

At home things to add to this list include: brushing hair, making own lunch, making own bed, running own bath, and putting on socks (which takes an unimaginably long time). And there's more.

Slowing down. I. Can. Do. It. I'll make the time. We're going to have to wake up an hour before we go to bed.