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Making my Resolutions and Checking them Twice

My resolutions have gotten me behind in everything. I haven't even completed my holiday cards yet. Actually, I haven't started them. I'm too busy making my list of what I need to change about myself. Reducing procrastination is #9.

Not yelling so much is #19.

Getting the cat fixed is #45 even if Penelope doesn't understand why he is "broken"

Cleaning the kitchen table runs a distant #102 but I am sure if I can pass that procrastination hump I'll clear off everything on my list at least by December 30. 2024.

Yes, this is the time to start off on the right foot with a clean slate. This will be the year I am the mom I always wanted to be, the daughter, the sister, and the friend who returns phone calls in less than a month.

As it is only December 28th, however, I am going to finish this blog entry later.