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My Child, the Meteorologist

We no longer have Curious George or Handy Manny mornings. At our house, we watch The Weather Channel. That's 03 on the clicker as she can tell you. Some kids memorize all the dinosaurs, others all the baseball scores, mine is mesmerized by the weather.

So like a good mom, I try to follow her interests and encourage her to explore the weather. We watch radar images on my computer and weather clips on You Tube. We watch DVD's from the library. This week we saw "Lightning" and "Volcanoes" (on the box the mountain was throwing up what looked like molten lightning to her.)

She knows that the electricity from lightning can go through pipes and windows. And she won't sleep in her own room now because the bed is near the window. Naturally, there's nowhere else to move the bed.

The hardest part for me is putting the scientific concepts in real-world terms.

Little Pen! I hope you appreciate all the nights mommy stayed up so late trying to understand positive and negative charges in clouds! How tornados form and the whole cold front-warm front thing.

Of course, her interest has its funny moments like when she looks up at the sky and tells other parents in the park that the puffy white clouds are cumulus. It also has it's depressing moments, like when she tells her teacher clouds are made of marshmallow because it's better to be funny than it is to be right.

It's really funny to watch her attempts at sharing her interests with other kids, as well as see the sharing work in reverse. You can actually see her eyes glaze over when her friend details his Matchbox collection.

This weekend we're making our very own weather station with a barometer made from a soda bottle and a pluviometer (rain gauge to weather novices) from a jar so we can observe the changes.

Does your child have an interesting interest and how do you encourage it?