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Take My Scholarship, Please

If you're reading this, you're so lucky my daughter isn't in high school. In 11 years I’m going to be super competitive for my daughter’s sake. If I hear of a scholarship I won’t be sharing the information. The less other kids who apply the better. Luckily for parents of high schoolers now, I will pretend the sharing is caring lessons of Barney really did sink in.

If your student, or one you know, has not yet entered the International College Counselors essay scholarship contest, they’re real silly. This is free money and if they think writing an essay with the chance to win $250 is hard, just wait until they’re writing essays all night and having to pay for the privilege. College is a funny thing isn’t it? Writing essays hung over is even harder. The deadline is February 27 so it's not so far away.

So enter here:

Just think, in a way this blog entry is worth over $1000.