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Loving Kids Unequally or Take My Cat, Please

I am afraid I couldn’t do it. I’ve learned that from my two cats. Granted you will never hear the words” fur babies” uttered from my lips.

I just can’t seem to love one of my two cats. In her defense, she is the sweetest cat ever. She craves laps and will knead your legs until they’re as soft as dough. All she wants to do is nibble your fingers and have her head against your hand.

The thing is I am not a person who sits in one place for too long. I am a mover. I constantly shift and move. Mary, the cat, takes this all very personally. If I shift she immediately jumps off and gets upset. She is also terrified of my daughter. Penelope makes her nervous. So Mary lives amongst the hard to get through forest under the dining room table amid chair legs and table legs. Mickey, the other cat. He’s more my speed. If you move and he’s on your lap, he’ll dig his claws right in for the ride. Or, masochist cat he is, if my daughter has my lap, he’ll sit right next to her and wait for his wrong way fur petting or a doll straddled awkwardly on his back. If my little girl is sleeping on my bed next to me in the event of a rain storm, he’ll plop himself right down in the middle. Mary the cat, she’s nervous and has decided to never venture upstairs again though she did a week ago to take an angry? Gift? poop under my daughter’s bed.

Of course my daughter is not perfect either but I am willing to forgive a lot more. I also find myself changing to accommodate character traits I wasn’t ever sure I would be able to love as much as I do. I am 1000% percent sure too my mother feels the same way about me. We’re like Oscar and Felix. Or Ernie and Bert.

I guess it would work the same way with kid #2… Now about this cat…any takers? Sweet, lovely, declawed…