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They don't like me.

I am not the cool mom I thought I’d be. I don’t even have a proper name. To all, I’m Penelope’s mom. Even if I leave a message for another mom it’s “hi, this is Aimee, Penelope’s mom.” If I don’t say that, they think I’m a telemarketer, or at least they’ll treat me like one. Hanging up before I say more than ‘Hi It’s Aimee. How are…”

Then when I do see them again them they’ll ask me why I never call.

Penelope’s mom, they’ll say, why don’t you call?

I thought it was me the other moms liked, but they don’t. They call me often for play dates but not for the pleasure of spending time with me. They like that their kids like mine. Thankfully, I’m not the Snow White Queen stepmother with the magic mirror jealous type. I do bring good snacks.

I’m more the grateful type. I like that my daughter is popular and liked. I still can count many of my childhood friends as friends and I hope one day she’ll be able to, too.