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I'm just a mom who can't say no...

One of the hardest parts about being a mom is saying no. I mean sometimes it's easy. Penelope wants to play with the stove. "No!" Penelope wants to play near traffic. "No!" Penelope wants to eat that caterpillar. "No!" I don't care if it’s a gourmet food in another part of the world. Unlike tongue, its not a gross food approved here in America. Besides, its still moving. But these are all “G” rated nos, the easy ones all moms can agree with. But then what about the stuff you should say "no" to but you really don’t want to because your kid is making you laugh so hard Diet Coke is bubbling out of your nose?

Penelope, age 2, and her cousins, ages 3 and 4, in Victoria’s Secret. I’m watching them as my sister looks around. The cousins go over to one of the tables and pull down some bras and start putting them over their heads. Funny, ok. But then they straighten up their backs and start prancing around the store saying, “I am just sooo pretty.” Penelope, the follower of all crowds, doesn’t know a bra from a panty, gets a panty and tries to get her arms through the leg holes. Failing that, it goes on her head. She looks at me and says “Hat” and goes running off to join her cousins. I know I should be saying “No” but this is just way too funny. They're not in any danger. No panties and bras are being harmed in the making of this comedy. They've all settled on one lingerie (penelope = leopard print hiphuggers) so there's no real mess. And other people in the store are laughing with me, not at me… And how rare is it to laugh this hard, I mean really laugh…who am I to deny anyone a hearty chuckle and side cramps. It's a physical relief, like a much needed sneeze…. And there is no annoying laugh track or Ryan Seacrest to force the moment… I mean we laugh when we see it on sitcoms but we’re supposed to keep a straight face in real life?

Besides what kind of message am I sending if I say “No” with a huge grin on my face. Rather than saying no, what I need is a video camera.

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