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My Doctor's Note

It also sounds like my dog ate my homework.

This week I had all these plans. I had meetings scheduled neatly on the calendar, calls to make, people to see and work to get done. I had things that I had to get done and things I wanted to get done.

Then some microscopic germs ruined my plans.

On Tuesday, my daughter informs me she has an earache. Of course, it was at 5:31pm and the doctor’s office closes at 5:30pm. So we’d have to wait it out the night. And wait it out we did – with umpteen episodes of Mickey’s Clubhouse and whatever else mom can find on the computer to watch. At night, the cartoons on TV are less appropriate than the movies, though she doesn't know that. So, there will always be the – “MOMMY I LIKE THAT SHOW” and the inevitable tears as we pass it. One day I’ll have to explain the men who think like boys – and how she must, under no circumstances, marry one.

By Wednesday I have medicine in hand and a daughter who bounced right back to health though she was milking her ouchie. She was fine when she wanted to play and then "sick" if mommy wanted to do anything but "nurse" her. In working mom words, work suffered and my daughter recovered.

But, there’s no work on earth more important than my daughter.

It’s Friday and guess who has a throat ache, me. Just in time for the weekend. And, mommys don’t get sick days for themselves.