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Happy Friday (Working moms will know what I mean)

I say Happy Friday because it's one more relaxing day for me at work before the hectic weekend starts. Every weekend I find I'm running here and there, which happens at work too, but I don't have a whole another person to run around for and cater to 24/7. There's no "gotta run to a meeting" excuse to deploy.

This weekend we have three classes, one play date, one birthday party, tickets to a show, three bath times, three bedtimes, nine outfit changes, and breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks to eat. And you don't get to start wrapping things up around 4:50 pm everyday. Bath time hasn't even begun by 5.

I love being with my kid, don't get me wrong about that. But there's no recharging time. At work I can go outside for a few minutes and find a quiet place to escape. At home, I occasionally go to the bathroom and close the door. A sampling of what follows:

Mommy, where are you? (Two minutes after I've told her where I am going)

Are you in there? (obviously unless I climbed out the window)

Can I come in?

I need you now.

I'm lonely.

Are you ever coming out?

I need X (add anything here from drink to toy)

I'm picking up the cat. (Cue the yowling)

Can you help me put everything back in the drawer.

You just missed me doing something so cool. I know you wouldn't have let me do it if you were watching.

How do you know if something is really broken or you can fix it?

On weekends my credit card bills soar and my intake of calories rise.

But while the minutes may go by slowly, the weeks go by so fast. I know these are days I'll one day miss, so I slow down to enjoy them as hectic as they are. Soon my kid will be a teen and not even want to bother with me at all.