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Picture This Mess

I have 7000 photos on the camera I got for my birthday (this year February) and I don't know how to get them onto my computer. I don't know how to get them onto the cloud. I don't know how to print them. Can Walgreen's handle that many photos? I am too intimidated by the sheer number of photos to even try to go through them before I print them. I am overwhelmed by the idea of standing in Walgreen's for the 10 hours I will need to process all those pictures.

All my life I've been a film person. I knew I had 24 shots and I needed to use them wisely. I didn't have a chance to view the shot either. It was either going to be right or wrong and I wouldn't know for the 10 weeks or so it took me to get to the developing place. If I really felt the picture was wrong, I'd use another of the 24, like a cat using its lives.

Now on this camera I know I have 3 to 10 of the same sort of shot. I didn't get it exactly right the first time. Or the second. Or the third. And then I kept taking them as a safety in case the right picture was a frame away. Or until the scene totally dissolved into a new photo op.

If I printed them and flipped them, I'd have one of those animated books.

I am a hoarder of sorts and I hate throwing things I can never get again. Like antiques, handmade items, A June 16, 1985 TV Guide with Don Johnson on the cover I may find on EBay someday, but I'll never have my photo moment back. What if one day I crave seeing my daughter with her eyes closed, mouth open in the middle of telling me something as her cousin walks in front of her.

Now it's the holidays. The granddaddy lord of all photo opportunity seasons. Can the iPhone even hold more than 5000 photos? The answer is Yes, it can. I know this because I am past that. But how many more can it hold? Thankfully, I am not a music hoarder so I think I have some extra space.

And then there's the new camera I bought. It is a Kodak EasyShare. i like it because I actually can get the photos on the web, flat and pixilated as they are. But then what? Do I print out the 456 photos I've accrued in less than two months? Do they just float on the web forever. Will my family need to hire a forensic IT expert to find them in the event I die before I get around to printing them or sharing the password.

I can't imagine I am the only one in the world with this problem. I can't imagine I am the only one who wishes I didn't let the photos get this out of control. I am a photo album with paste in corners kind of a girl. I had my honeymoon album done just in time for the divorce.

Though if I do photo albums, how does that work? In the old days, you could fit an entire childhood in one album. I'll need a new bookshelf by the time she's 6 and a new wing on the house by the time she's married, or 19 years old whichever comes first.