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The things I wish Iâ™d done differently

In three years I’m afraid I’ve done a lot of damage to my daughter. And isn’t it crazy when you can look back and see the exact moments you made those decisions. Hopefully some mom out there can learn from my mistakes. I'm sure they could.

Letting my mom give my daughter a Princess shirt. It started with one and that indicated to my mom she could now add 6 more to the drawer, letting Penelope know they all existed before I could remove them. So now I can’t say no Princess shirt for a week because its in the wash. Now we cycle through all 7 and then start over again. I can cross fashion sense off the list of pluses she might have.

Impulse buying Hello Kitty socks from Target. For the same reason as the Princess shirts. I can’t even blame someone else for them.

Empowering my daughter to be independent and capable. It’s Princess shirt AND Hello Kitty socks or screaming.

Not playing less classical music, and playing more show tunes or something when she was a baby. Now classical music soothes her and she likes to listen to it in the car. Classical is all she wants to listen to in the car. Mommy is going to fall fast asleep at 60 mph.

I should’ve insisted she watch more TV. Mommy is a much better entertainment system my daughter has learned. I can make jokes at least as good as Bob Saget’s and I’m 3-D. Plus TV can only show Quik. I can mix it.

Hide the ink pens until they’re 5 if you like your bed comforter.

Hold your tongue before you say things like “Stop making my life harder”. They’ll parrot it back to you at the most opportune moments like in crowded grocery stores. They’re laughing at you, not with you.

Once you open Pandora’s satin lined lip gloss box with twirling musical ballerina and small mirror, there’s no closing it.

Saying “yay” and “wow” when they climb high only results in them wanting to climb even higher. And jump more on the bed.

If you say no, mean it. And try better than me to stifle a laugh when they’re doing something wrong but they look so cute doing it. Of course it’s not so cute the second, third, and forth time unless you couldn’t grab your camera fast enough the first time.