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The Girl Who Cried

When did my daughter get so manipulative smart. She has figured out that if she tells the camp counselors she has an earache, they will immediately call mommy to come get her. And she has a whole drama to go along with that earache. It may or may not include a headache, stomach ache, and-or a sore throat. It may or may not include lying on the floor or putting her head in her arms. We're only a few months from the marker "pox."

The ailments seem to disappear -poof! - as soon as she gets picked up. She's well enough to go to the park. She's well enough not to need to go to the doctor.

We've read The Boy Who Cried Wolf enough times that she could recite it to me. However, when and how do these lessons sink in? Like the villagers should I cease showing up? It was then that the wolf came.

It's not just illness either. She also knows powerful words that would knowch Happy Potter on his heiney. "I need to go to the bathroom." causes disruption of the time continuum. Everything stops and finding a bathroom becomes a priority.